valueable lessons, essences of life*

First lesson of life or ‘basic’ as some people would call it,  is something that is clearly defined but most of us are less aware about. Here are the few things i shall have to list down as “basics” that one should never forget by all means; by hook or by crook!~

1. never ever in any conditions, take others belongings or possessions (even if its not yet declared as officially his or hers). If you don’t want to mend your broken heart in tears.

2. if you think something is a bad idea, don’t do it. Sometimes it’ll cost more than you can afford to pay.

3. take your friends as well as they take you. Its a give and take situations. Don’t cross your own limit just to please them because trust me, sometimes, its just not worth it.

4. be straight and honest to yourself. Know what you want and what are you willing to do to get it. If you want something, why wait?

5. be brave and free to express yourself. Don’t let anything that pulls you down gets the best of you.

6. always perform your responsibilities at your best. Work hard to please yourself and others to a certain limits.

7. patience is the best remedy for anger. People can say the heck out bout you but be patient, it’ll make you realize, you are too mature to let some ‘minions talks’ get into you.

8. be yourself. Don’t dissapoint the people that love you to satisfy the people that never appriciate you for who you are. Don’t change because others say you need to do so, because it will be temporary.

9. follow your heart, when you think is right.

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