The Story of Friendship~ by Nadia.

As I walked down a street called memory lane, I looked all around me. I saw all kinds of people and load of stores and shops.On my right, I saw a fabulous boutique called ‘Sincerity’ and on my left I saw a shop named ‘Love’.There stood enormous restaurants which served ‘Honesty’ and ‘Loyalty’ cuisines on the menu.Everything around the street looked so inviting.
Suddenly, something caught my eyes. I realized that everyone was walking towards the North without catching a glimpse of those magnificent stores and restaurants around us.I followed the flow of the buzy crowd.Thousands of questions were lingering in my minds.
Finally, I was there.I was with everyone else,standing and staring.We stood in front of a small and old shop.In fact, it looked so ancient that i wondered had my great-great-great-grandmother been here before?
The second I stepped inside the shop, I understood why this “unattractive” shop had been the centre of attraction.I sensed the sweet smell of fidelity, I tasted the scrumptious and delicious meals of honesty and sacrifice.I saw gorgeous crystals of love.Somewhere in the crammed crowd, I saw a beatiful carving on the wooden shop wall. It said, “The Friendship Cottage”.I was flabbergasted.

An old adage popped into my mind, ‘don’t judge the book by its cover’.It is true that the shop was small and old.But inside, it was full of wonders and surprises.People may be fooled by the shabby physical look of something and never thought of discovering something so amazing on the inside.

This is the meaning of friendship from my point of view.It is a relationship formed by the bricks of sincerity, tied with strong rope of love, painted and furnished with fine touch of honesty.
People may have different perspective on friendship.An astronout may say that friendship is as bright as the sparkling stars.A fashion designer might say that friendship is as flawless as Louis Vuitton and Chanel. A chef would say that it takes some time to mix all the suitable ingredient to form a soft and tender friendship dough.
Whatever definitions that friendship carries to us, we must realize that it will come and go.If take good care of it, it will cherish and bring the happiness to our life. But it is also a great loss if we lose it because of our carelessness.Like they say, ‘it took some time to mend a broken heart, so, never break one’.

In conclusion, if you have your own idea of what does it mean by friendship, don’t tell me. You should go straight to your friend and be free to express it.Because believe me, they earned it and its worth a shot.
Hurry up before its too late!
*Good Luck*

This is de facto, my own writing for my first or second (i cannot remember) English oral. I had also ‘said it out loud’ few parts of it for a programme “spot talk” in our school. Ignore the vast gramatical and typo error as long as i got the message delivered.
Have fun reading it and adapt those that should be adapted.

Lots of love,

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