I’m officially 17!!

Its unbelievable! I’m 17 now!! OMG!! Time flies sooooooooooo fast!! Does it boards on a rocket or something?! Stereotyped highlight of da age 17 is, SPM (duh!)~ Lets see the pros and cons of being a 17 years old teen; (too many to list down),,*

Ayah had started his ‘traditional’ new-year-advices;

Its a new year, a new start. Nadia, you are going to face an exam that can be considered as tha peak point of your life. Study is your priority, the others are secondary. (Nice quotation, huh? No jokes! ) If you spoilt this one, there will hardly be a second chance for you. So, better don’t mess up. (here comes the sensitive part) Nadia, you had been through those days of exams when you failed to get what you, the family and teachers hoped for.(it was UPSR) Then, I started to see your effort, you managed to get straigh A’s. (this is PMR). So, now you decide which one you want for your SPM??

Mama on the other hand;

Its a new year so, make it a stage to improve yourself. Doa and tawakkal after your hard work and your best effort in studies. Never give up. Mama tau, anak2 mama semua boleh bwat. Cume usaha dgn tak je.. Doa banyak2, jgn tak usaha pulak. Mama tak penah lupe doakan kejayaan anak2 mama… (touche~)

I’ll try my hardest best to make you guys proud; for I owe you guys too much to be paid with all the trasures in the world~

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