a valedictory post -.-‘

Well, in less than 24 hours, I’ll be boarding the flight AK 6390 to Kota Bharu with my mum on a Friday night; when we should have fun, celebrating weekends together… Just the, usual, poignant routine~
Let’s just hit the ‘go’ button and see where it leads to and what surprises does it brings. (If only hitting the ‘go’ button is that facile). So, let’s just ‘GO’ back to PC and b happy! (even if you are not happy, you are still going!) So, to make things easier, let’s face it; positively, that its gonna be less than a year of ‘bear-it-like-how-you-used-to’ situation.
So, no more being a crybaby! Grow up, alright. You had enough time with you diapers years. Pfft*
I guess, WELCOME BACK, it is!

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