baby i’m back!

Phewh.. so good to be home… had been tough for the past few years.. (2 years, i mean). So, talking about life, 2 years if battling for the ultimate destination.. (quit all this shakespear thingy, so out of bound) talking about life so far?? still can’t believe that school was over.. sad+happy+grateful+ etc..
looking forward fer gathering… prom… driving license.. movies… shopping!! whatever else possible..
memoir? hehe.. too much to tell.. I definitely wish to turn the time back.. spin the time to my preschool years. ahh, fun time, those days.. remember the days when everybody eager for the recess bell. and fleed to the playground. haha. girls were always with their childish whines about barbies and princesses. (i was excluded)
The next thing i know, primary school begun. being a nomad was so much fun! year 1 in SK Sri Petaling, year 2, in Methodist Girls School, year 3 in St Theresa, year 4 and so on in SK Tropicana. Miss those days. (psst, I wrote my first love letter when I was in standard 5. Shhh~) UPSR was devastating. no need to elaborate on that…
Finally, school ia over!!! I’m feeling old.. (ehem, I mean, matured. heh, yeah right.)
Time for growing up, secondary school! I felt so matured when i stepped out of the primary school’s gate. But then, when I first set foot in secondary school, gosh I was SMAALL!! and cute! hhaaha (I don’t mean to brag) So, to cut things short, PMR, alhamdulillah, passed with flying colours. (hope yours is too, dearest sys, munirah, insyaAllah) Offered to MRSM Pengkalan Chepa was the beginning of my journey.. tough but sweet.. uhmm, details? those who knew, consider yourself lucky. those who don’t ITS NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS!!
Finally, school ia over!!! I’m feeling old.. (ehem, I mean, matured. heh, yeah right.) To all my beloved friends, no matter from which era do you come from, do keep in touch.. Miss you all so much… hope to hear from all of you soon..

you know you love me,
nadia ismadi

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