life like they say, isn’t long but long enough to make you wonder how lo live it

see that shiny black BMW nadia? if you want it, hard work and great paycheck can promise that. its a typical steps in life where you want something, work and work for it. sometimes I wonder where all the things that you had in life went. I mean after they were gone. like friends for instance. Its not like they just vanish in thin air, but they are just gone. remember those days in primary one when you actually found a friend whom do you stick to and went recess together? she or he was the best and only friend. a while ago i wonder where she might be. (or in other word, recall who ‘she’ is, can’t remember) okay. things are different now, as we aged. i mean, grow up of course. those days in primary were hilarious! mirthful jokes were passed on in whispers. those years were,… veracious. things started to get serious and staid when crawling into secondary. friends come and go, i paste that firmly in mind. a piece of memory when exchange of books occur to copy undone homeworks (stereotype).

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