i need space… a bigger one

i have never been locked in a cage nor lack of freedom all my life. but i need to say this for i can’t stand anymore raining phonecalls and overdose concern. those angst had been thoughtful of you but i had enough thank you. this new start ahead, i want my life back. which means, single. very single. far from any extra disquieting commitments and vexatious insistences. please. i can’t live like this anymore, no matter how hard i tried. fyi, friends are those people that i treasure and appreciate much but i never call or text or hang out with everyday. and i do not have to report my wherabouts all the time. friends are friends ok? so, with this words; i made up my mind not be too attached to oneself for the time being to give myself enough time and thoughts for my family, my interests and my fundamental responsibilities. please and thank you. (i don’t care how ridiculous does this sound, i write what i have to write.)

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