miraculously ended up long walk and talk for two; just two

(picture, courtesy of brilliantlydumb.blogspot.com)

my feet still ache due to such a long walk among hundreds or thousands of people; old and young throughout the exhibition. yup, the Star Educational Fair 2010 in KLCC. those dodging hours were gratefully helpful. booth 1 was masterskill. big, big mistake! i was an inadvertent one, walking into that booth and being explained on nursing! xperasan that big, big signboard named MASTERSKILL. pfft. after filling in the form and hoping that they won’t call us, (me and farah) walked out with annoying smile plastered on each other’s face. haha. pity.

walking, walking, walking. finally, found doctorjob’s booth (its not that we are looking for it anyway, lucky stop), bought few mags and guide books. the wheel of fortune was fun. rm 10 voucher from Jusco, ok la kan? rather than a pen?? ala, it was just next to the voucher! (hope nobody rouged bt this) then came another long walk and brochures-collecting procedures. duh! i remembered somebody said that the job market for medical doctors are packed or too packed in fact. so, at that moment i was moved. the rushing atmosphere around gave me a few sec of soul-searching. dramatic. but i know i don’t want to be somebody working in the medical field. i do have a slight interest for it but, i’m not into this whole medical thing. so, this CIMA booth really gave me the idea to go for what i like. courtesy of Pn. Zahidah Mokhtar. she mentioned that go for whatever i like first and the degree can tail along after. great motivation. many thanks. i know farah was deadly bored by this but, worth it for i had made up my mind (at least that’s what i thought; LOL).

finally, 1 p.m! lunch! those culinary art students did made us mouthwattered by those pasteries and muffins. gulp. teppanyaki was not that bad for a lunch in that packed food court. met Aida Nabila! miss her a lot! farah ate pepperoni pizza, a whole of that! no joke, no offence yeah. then made a run to the kinokuniya for 2010 diary, which i had deadly needed since 1.1.2010. sigh. another rush plus more walking to the exhibition. while walking along the beautiful park; exclude the eye-sickening sight of those teens and camera snapshots, dozens of ‘if onlys’ tailing behind. heh, nobody can come out from Suria KLCC without a dream right? if only.., if only,… haha. big time. then came the long list of lim kok wing, President’s College (it have to be written in upper case letter, when talking bout president’s. most stylish and glamorous plus well furnished booth. prestigous.), segi , taylor’s, UCSI, KDU, monash, and this list go on for eternity.

glad that was over! the fair, i mean. next, shopping!! haha. hunting for sling bag, here and there. fianlly, vincci; yup got a gorgeous, white one. belongs to farah now. hehe. if only i had a millionaire as a boyfriend,.. you can have the last part. if only,.. if only,… go on another forever long list. heh, typical.

got back home with dreams of future career, future study, future loaded hubby; seriously, heavy heads stored with info and dreams, tonnes of homework to flip through the mags and brochures, sore feet but satisfying hearts, no farah? i can see her nodding. haha. anyway, that exhibition was very helpful and pleasurable. bouquet of thank yous.

p/s: farah, keep that sling clean,yeah. haha.

pp/s: stop dreaming, get moving, moving, moving!

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