hold my hands and i will hold yours back

if i was to be alone for a minute just now, anything pleasant or the other way round could had happened. luckily, you were there. before i fall you caught my hands, right before i crashed and may never get up again. thanks

a story you told me made sense;

if you had lose faith in yourself, take *** for example.. when we are waiting for the bank negara scholarship result, all of us said that we will pray hard for her to get the scholarship she deserves. but instead, she said to pray that she will be strong to face the reality and redha if the scholarship is not hers.

that made a person strong after all… everybody faced a situation where they didn’t get what they want.

and i asked, ‘did *** get the scholarship?’

she didn’t, but she’s okay with it. she still applied for other opportunities. there must be a place for her somewhere else. there must be.

‘i wish i can be like ***’ sigh..

you can nadia, you are strong enough. me and *** thought so of you! get up girl!

nana, i owe you. big time. thanks.

no prob. friend in need is a friend indeed. =)

nana_fizan92 has signed out.(17/01/2010 05:54 pm)
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Subhanallah.. i felt so guilty for not to be able to accept that i haven’t destined to my destiny yet. how naive i was. thank you for those who made me realize this. thank you. very, very much.

if you do read this post, nana;

nana, i need to tell you this,
you had done so much for me. those support and words did bring me to a whole new perspective. i have to say, one of the memories that i valued the most in pc is the moment with the bahas team, and those heart pouring session with you in the old days. (wink, wink)
thanks a lot.
no words else describe it best.

p/s: to Nik Syakirah Nik Azis, Mariana Nabila Ahmad Zuber and Muhammad Hakim bin Jaafar; congratulations for the Bank Negara Scholarship offer. May this lead to a greater success in the future. May Allah bless.

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