new steps;teaches oneself, widen experiences

sweating and panting but had an enjoyable or i dare say, healthy;morning walk with a long lost friend, munirah. then came all the gossips and girltalk which was even more gossips; till we had covered everybody on the list. :/

we then had drinks in ‘ i-don’t-remember-where-is-it’ restaurant. then eat breakfast. asked for the bill with fingers crossed. ‘please say that it will not be more than 10 ringgit, please..’

damnit! its was there right in front of me with the bill clearly showed the figures. RM 10.50. argh! lacking of 50 cent.. what do we do now? me and munirah exchanged confusing looks. we do hope we know anybody there. because my house is actually miles away by foot! whatever it is, not going to go back and have to come again for 50 cent. never!

then munirah told me a trick she had been practising since,.. ever; to pay whatever sum you owe in your next visit. cool eyh? so, with a very deep, bright, red, blushing cheek i slowly asked one of the waiter can i actually do that; i mean pay the remaining 50 cent later? hey, that was my first time okay! and probably the last one too. he smiled and nod. whee~

paid the ten ringgit and promise to be back later. then this guy said, ‘ok. tapi kalau tada angkat 50 sen, cuci pinggan sini’. gulp.

deadly desperate no? haha. true, was deliriously desperate. then, we went back home with happy stomaches but worried minds thinking of the 50 cent debt. or was it worried bout having to actually scrub the plates and all?? both.

that was how steps to section 8 Kota Damansara cost me a long, exhausting walk. (ceh, mcm jauh sgt je..), but definitely a nice story to tell in exchange.

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