you can tell me more than what i am able to tell

finally, i had the chance to blog this though its a lil’ bit late. sorry to dissapoint anxious hearts. internet connection problems. pfft. -_-‘

again, another outing with my ultimate stalker, (i just gave her that title since she admitted that she had been stalking, heh); farah lina. but this time it merrier because there’s more of us hanging out together. the first steps got us into ELLE for a nice window shopping and aching our hearts looking at those straight-cut-off 50%. pfft. okay, let me get this right, we are supposed to be going for the exhibition by MAPCU-MCA. but then we were too early for that and made full use of our time walking and chatting. owh, by the way when i said ‘we’, it was referring to me, farah and his beau a.k.a my ‘kawan baru’; nabil. and we bumped into nik and mustafa along the way. farah, i marked your words to buy me Paris Hilton’s yeah.after diving into tonnes of handbags, shoes, purses, dresses, etc; we finally out from the shopping ground and head up to the exhibition. big time.

dashed into several boothes and got dozens of explaination of this and that. let me just hightlight a few. MedicEd. explained concerning; umm its rather very obvious, medic! talking about studying in Russia. this lady (whom her name failed to be recalled) kept looking and trying to convince me that their programme is the best. but one big problem here is, i’m not taking medic! yes, its my fault not to mention that in the first place. a good lesson of the day. the only thing in me is, hoping to get good results, and to persue a degree in accountancy. yes, you did hear me right. accountancy. i know, i know, i had been crying my heart out during the two years of accounting but i think i have the heart for it. okay, farah and nabil did paid attention while i was having a hard time plastering the ‘wow!-i-am-dying-to-be-a-good-doctor-with-the-help-of-your-programme-yup-definitely-interested’ look. tough, seriously.

then we came across or more precisely farah did the ‘shocking-me-to-death-‘ intro with the woman in charge at Taylor’s booth and got us involved. and this lady happens to know my caouncellor, miss ayu. okay, what a small world. then she informed us about the programmes offered there; Cambridge A levels, Canadian Pre-University, International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme; or IB for short and South Australian Matriculation. very crystal clear explaination done by a guy whom seemed to master this IB programme. the cost of it also put out our dreams if we are to be self-sponsored which i hope will never be because all of us will and insyaAllah will get sponsors. Ameen.

i came out with the idea of buying tomorrow’s Cosmo when farah got interviewed by one of the journalists. but sadly, i did not. sobs. farah and your other half, did u guys buy it??

then we went to MPH to play hide and seek. me and farah. kiddies. came across economics books that might be a good help for a friend who started his college apperetly, today. the present can come later right? hehe. also came across CIMA examination papers and revision books. oh, how i wished i started the CIMA already. maybe i should refer to the expert. ask pak long later la. then went to buy few things worth buying during chinese new year’s sale; clothes! fundamentally.

aunty anne’s did made me a scrumptious pretzels. and eventhough he treat you good, i lent him to you okay. mind that. – that was my script when i borrowed farah’s spouse. she go like; sure, no problem! what friends are for! . the three of us laughed uncontrollably upon gulping that.

she was still in her complete sane when she said that, don’t worry, i checked.

sarah came! a last minute but worth attempt. then we went our seperate ways; me and sarah, farah and nabil. so, we headed to the exhibition then called nik to ask his whereabout. thought of hanging out together. then when we reached the exhibition ground, which left us with few more steps to go in, when nik gave us the idea to dine first. arghh. but then, i spontaneously agreed. nandos, yup i stayed to join them for a moment. my mum called saying she’s reaching to pick me and farah up so sadly i said to sarah;

nadia:weyh, kalau aku ‘ter’balik, nanti you hangout with them (nik and mustafa) ek?

sarah: huh?? (suspens look) aku pun ‘ter’balik jugak la. whine.

and yup, i did left kinda early as in in the middle of their meal. sorry, sorry, sorry.

great time, people. thank you very,very much for that.

p/s: farah, no problem. sharing is caring. plus, what friends are for? haha, yup; big, big time you owe me. :))

pp/s: dear, ‘kawan baru’, nabil; thanks for being a new follower. oh, and you may go back to whos arms you belong to..need i say more? 🙂

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