the right phrase is not hatred, its annoyed. that’s two different bodies, mind that

give a minute to get this plain. i, miss nadiatul ‘afifah ismadi is a person who can’t tolerate overdosed pushy attituted. i have my own life to go on with so do you.

even i am prcatically mean, but hatred is far beyond me. meaning if you think i hate you, you must have commited a big, big, unforgiven mistake. so, in this particular case, i don’t hate you. and when i say no, means no. no debating.

i don’t have anything else to say here because, yes; you are getting on my nerve! eventually i will learn a fact that maybe i can’t get along with your pushy habits but friends understand each other. that habit is part of you and i do undertand that. so, let this be a mutualism inter-relationship; i can’t tolerate anybody controlling me and saying me what to do and you may want to cut down on that big obsession. no offence.

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