if only i can tell how clueless this whole thing is with all the possibilities, the thought of it send shivers down my spine.

i just can’t frame the future right. i mean, the nearest will be my SPM result and after that the scholarship, college and so on and so forth. bu then, all of sudden there’re so many possibilities and probabilities that kept me in a state where i can’t even put a guarantee on anything. none.
some say that the result will be announced earlier and i am definitely not ready for the reveal. please, let me prepare myself and let me gather plenty of oxygen before the day comes. i am dying just to think of it. in a way i can’t even secure anything or promise that i’ll be fine if the result turn out not as i expected. but, like they say; if you don’t have faith in yourself, nobody will. so, you know what you have to do nadia. *another heavy sigh*

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