love, can be both;either meaningful or meaningless;

i don’t understand this feelings at first,
however i failed to deny that,
this feeling is so strong and pure.
its driving me out of my lively senses,
i can be floating out from this reality by your touch,
and your words just take me to another dimension,

every angles of you to me are perfect.
someday i wish i can be somebody to you,
the one that curve a smile on your face,

the one that can sweep away all your miseries and worries,
the one you love dearly,
the rose that has your thoughts most of the time,

the one so far yet very special.
you are the elixir that bring me to life,

your kiss awakens my senses,
to feel your presence,
and longed for the seconds spent together,
those precious moments are beyond words and assumptions.

if one day i shall lost half of myself,
i shall be glad to let it go,
for i had found my other half, my love.

to you-know-who-you-are,
i know this poem exceeds the limit of 20 lines, but for the sake of it as a gift, i did some adjustments. hope you don’t mind. and again sorry because it is very simple and i am glad that i left it last thursday so you can pass up your own piece. its way, way better; trust me. great job on that. =)

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