give us ANOTHER millions of years where we will never know how to end this (part two)

sorry to take such a lontg time to post the remaining.. heee~

GERALDINE UNA JETONY (geraldine dear!! =) )

ger, first thing first, I MISS YOU!!! i can still remember the time in putra where the pillow talk happened! hahhaah. who can ever forget that? trashing into other people’s room and make noise! hahahaha. -_-‘. i really hope you do enjoy this two weeks with all of us and DO KEEP IN TOUCH!! (i will never forgive you if you ddnt)… anyway, all the best in your life and take care yeah. =)

with lots of love, nadia. xoxo

FAZMEY FELIX LIANGSON (tepuk2 terima kasih and all the other tepuks that you can ever think of!)

fazmey, I MISS THOSE TEPUKS!! feel like coming back to PKTR and do it all over again. thanks a lot for everything. PKTR will never be the same without you. plus, i still remember the story you told us bout your ex and the suicide attempt, that was very honest and brave of you. and whatever it is, DO KEEP IN TOUCH! all the best and take care , miss you! =)

with lots of love, nadia. xoxo

UMMI MUMAIZZAH SIDIK (a*****n’s darling! =) )

dear ummi, I MISS YOU!!! i used to adore your time management especially when you have the time to do your make up and all while we were so deadly buzy in pktr. haih, great job! thanks a lot for everything and i’m sorry if i did anything wrong. all the best to you and keep in touch kayh. take care dear! =)

with lots of love, nadia. xoxo

ROLAND TEO YII LIN (the person who made me adore music =) )

dear roland, I REALLY MISS HEARING YOU PRACTISE YOUR VIOLIN!! you rocks at it! thanks a lot yeah. I really appreciate the colabration of hijau and your group during charity. you guys had been part of us, like a really big family! DO KEEP IN TOUCH! all the best in life and don’t you ever ever forget me kayh! take care.

with lots of love, nadia. xoxo

MOHD NAZRIN SERIN (the person who made the loudest kenyalang voice for sumazau! )

nazrin, thanks for the sumazau dance tutor. it was fun! and I REALLY MISS YOU and the loud sound that you made during the dance!!! whatever it is, all the best and do keep in touch! take care. whenever you come here in semenanjung, just give me a buzz and we’ll hangout with the others as well kayh! hope to see you in AYTR sometime. =)

with lots of love, nadia. xoxo

RICHEL RICK FOO (my dear richel bah! =) )

RICHEL, I MISS YOU AND YOU BAHS!!! you are such a nice and sweet girl. do keep that up yeah. we love you for who you are. do come here and lepak with us sometime. thanks a lot for being a very nice friend for me and the other PKTRians throughout this two weeks and i hope we can preserve this bond FOREVER! keep in touch and ALL THE BEST DEAR!!! =)

with lots of love, nadia. xoxo

FALIQ ASRAF JAFRI (one of the responsible biro kebajikan =) )

dear faliq, this two weeks had given me more than enough time to know you for such a very considerate and humble person. you did a really great job as the welfare biro. I MISS YOU YELLING OUT FOR SICK PEOPLE!! i know it sounds weird but i do miss it. keep in touch and all the best in life. take care and hope to see you again. thanks for everything. =)

with lots of love, nadia. xoxo

ADELYN FOO YIN YIN (adelyn darling! =) )

let me say this first, I MISS YOU A LOT!!! come here and meet me laa… i will never ever forget you and the rest of pktrians. DO KEEP IN TOUCH and forgive me for everything yeah. thanks for being such a magnificent friend all this while and we’ll always be friends kayh! all the best and hope to see you some other time.. =) take care.

with lots of love, nadia. xoxo

TIARA ABDULLAH (one of my precious hijau group member)

dear tiara, I MISS YOU A LOT!! you are such a unique and interesting person. i mean, the way you see things and make a point in discussions, they’re amazing! I really wish we can stay in the group forever.. but, all of us have our own life to go on with. so, all the best to you and let this friendship stay forever. take care and all the best. =)

with lots of love, nadia. xoxo

PETRINA ALAM (the best director in the whole universe! =) )

PETRINA DEAR, I MISS YOU!!! seriously, i miss your accent and everything.. sobs. come here, let me know adn let’s hangout!!! thanks for everything and i’m sorry if i ever made you hurt. btw, you did an amazing job as our director! congrats and keep it up! PROUD OF YOU DARLING!! take care and don’t ever dare to forget me! LOVE YOU!

with lots of love, nadia. xoxo

NATALEA RAYMOND (a graceful dancer =) )

NAT, MISS YOU!!! MISS YOU A LOT! especially when i can’t dance with you anymore. no more zapin, joget or waltz.. sigh. but whatever it is, DO KEEP IN TOUCH! let this pktr bond stay with all of us forever yeah. thanks for everything. especially the sumazau, it was great! all the best to you dear and take care. =)

with lots of love, nadia. xoxo

JOEL JUSTIN ANAK GEORGE (my darling brother)

joel, I MISS YOU A LOT LAA!! your jokes, the laughs, being hilarious, go crazy, miss all of these!! i really miss your hi~~ jau! thanks for being such an enjoyable and a great friend for this two weeks and for a lifetime after this. let’s hangout some time. do come here okayh! all the best to you and take care,. plus, DON’T YOU EVER DARE TO FORGET YOUR BELOVED SIS HERE OKAYH! keep in touch yeah dear,..

with lots of love, nadia. xoxo

DOOHAN JEMSY (a very soft spoken friend =) )

doohan, i’m sory for being too loud. i hope you enjoyed pktr as much as i do and really hope to see you again. you are such a nice fiend to be with and i’m glad that we met in pktr. I REALLY MISS YOU! take care yeah, and all the best. keep in touch and don’t ever forget me for whatever reasons! heheh. kddng. =) btw, I LOVE YOUR TRADITIONAL COSTUME, no jokes. its nice. =)

with lots of love, nadia. xoxo

GERALD KEN ANAK SALI (a very nice and sweet friend i met in pktr)

dear gerald, i know we don’t really talk much to each other in pktr but i think we made a pretty good friends. and honestly, I MISS YOU! feel like going back and introduce myself again and start the two weeks all over. but whatever it is, keep in touch yeah. all the best and don’t forget me, hopefully you won’t. take care and hope to see you again some time. =)

with lots of love, nadia. xoxo

last but not least,


KHAIRUL ANWAR AB. GHANI (abang khairul , our dear brother)

dear abang khairul, MISS YOU A LOT!!! can’t believe that i’m gonna wake up without your voice calling us and telling us what’s next. awh, miss it!! i can still remeber the day you called me and said that i got it and i was so happy! that’s how tha wonderful two weeks started for was a great memory.but, whatever it is, we will keep in touch right? and i really hope we will. all the best to you and take care. hope to see you again and maybe you can treat us luch or anything. hahahaha. =P i hope we did came out just like what you wished to shape us. you did a great job as a ‘pemudah cara’ ( i like this term =) ) and most of all as our dearest brother . i’ll never ever forget you. thanks and apologies for everything. =)

with lots of love,nadia. xoxo

finally, i managed to post this up and i hope you guys have the time to scroll and find your name. every single thing that i write here is sincerely from me and what i experienced with you guys throughout the two weeks together. I LOVE YOU GUYS AND THANKS FOR BEING THE PIECES THAT COMPLETED PKTR 2009 TO BE ONE OF THE BEST THING IN MY LIFE.

xoxo, nadia.

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