those tears weren’t tears of joy, neither of solemn; its just blessings

i never thought i will ever be given a chance to be there, in Makkah and Madinah. it was quiet a long way for me to get there, i thought. not in terms of the flight journey but its the journey of the soul that i think its just not the time yet. but alhamdulillah, i was one of the almost-two-millions guests. Allah’s guests. how fortunate i was.

i went there with my grandma. it was on her, honestly. i was so happy for that and may Allah bless her and the rest of the family. ameen.

eventhough the umrah visit had passed almost 2 months, i can still recall every bit of it. who would have ever forget that? it was ineffable. i remebered the sad goodbyes from klia.. the fligh was quite nice. the foods were amazing! i sat by an arabic goverment officer that has 3 wives! no joke, he told me all about it. yes, i’m serious. he gave me his phone number to contact him if i need anything. wow, isn’t that,… erm, drastic! plus, what made me feel ill at ease was, he said that he studied in malaysia and all his three wives, hate malaysia. so, they asked him to find one more wife in malaysia! yeah, i know. just don’t look at me like that…

we landed safely, alhamdulillah at the airport in madinah and there was a murmur saying that erra fazira and her family were in the same trip as ours. it was proven right. she’s gorgeous! by the time we arrived at the airport it was already isya’. collected our luggages and another drama begun. our bags, were really heavy (mmg sure la kan..) and the airport trolley is some kind of a busness opportunity for the people there. they help to load all the bags for you and help to push them to your bus and you pay. so, what happens was, we had this one guy to the deal. he pushed the trolley loaded with huge trunks to our bus which happen to be quite distant from the terminal. so, when we finally get there, he asked for the pay. it was 50 riyal! we were quite shocked! aunty ita, (one of the jemaah from out group) gave him 10 riyal. he said no. so, we add up to that about 5 riyal more and he refused to accept; insisting for a 50. so, we ignored and went on board. he followed us and went to scan the whole bus for us and when he finally locate us, he was angry and demand for the money. so, our mutawwir had to come in and settle it. that was quite scary for my first experience. i can still picture his face clearly in my mind. -_-‘

me and saliha (a new friend of my age who happens to know my other friends too), share the same atrocious scene at the airport as a first-timer. we went pass masjid nabawi, it was celestial. i can’t help tears rolling down to see such an amazing view. i feel blessed. during our stay there, i’m glad that i got the chance to go to raudhah almost everyday. alhamdulillah. the arabic women guards at masjid nabawi (eventhough they wears hijab), they were very beautiful. you can tell from their eyes. i sneaked in my phone to take pictures. we are not allowed to do so actually.

trips to the masjid, shop a little bit here and there, eat bakso (can’t believe they have bakso there)then 3 days went by.

to makkah we went. we went to makkah by bus and arrived there around 9 p.m (if i’m not mistaken). so, we changed and then get ready for our first umrah. the moment i stepped in masjidil haram, the feelings were just different and special. one can never tell before he or she stepped in that position, standing on the cold marble floor of masjidil haram and look at kaabah. its not the same when we looked at pictures or read books about it compared to see kaabah with our own eyes. its very atypical. that was the best moment in my life.

we did our umrah and were done at 3+ am. so, subuh will be just around the corner, so we decided to stay there. and i went to look for our (me and my grandmother’s) shoes. so, my grnadmother recited the quran while me and mak teh ( another jemaah from my group) went to find the slippers. we failed because we didn’t remeber the shoe rack number. so that’s the end of it. suddenly, i just had the idea to kiss hajarul aswad. mak teh tagged me along. it was barmy! everybody was pushing one another and strive their hardest best to kiss the black stone. mak teh got it first before i did. but alhamdulillah, Allah answered our prayers. but my grandmother was so worried at that time. sorry for that, i should have told her first, my bad.

so, the days went by. we went to the dates farm, quran printing, camels riding and more visits. it was wonderful. i miss the tranquility in the two masjids; masjid nabawi and masjidil haram.

in conclusion, i hope to go there again and improve my ibadah from now onwards; insyaAllah.

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