if by closing my eyes tight will make me vanish, then i shall

I don’t know why i’m feeling so clueless right know but somehow i’m felt… lost. Don’t ask me in what sense that is because i don’t really know. Anyway, as much as i hate this, my assingments are piling up and i am nowhere on the starting point. Not even close.There’s something I just realised that made my stomach twitched. I hate myself everytime this happens. Urgh! Thinking that my finals coming up in two months, I shall be flipping the pages of econs instead of Gossip Girl’s. How I wish my life would be this simple. Unfortunately, its not. Sigh. (I sighed a lot these days for no reasons)
My brother is lost and i am blamed; (as usual) so now he shold be praying that he’s not here. May I be excused for a while? I got some “questioning” to do.

xoxo, nadia

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