and yes, it was love at second sight. nothing much can be expressed since no words is simple enough to illustrate such.

There is something strange going on inside myself that i can hardly or can’t really explain at all. I wish i know what it was. and actually, i have it still and somehow its killing me. It appers eccentric but prodigious.

Eventhough it is ultimately outlandish to have such high hope put on a complete stranger, but i can’t seem to help it. Right now, the only thing i am capable of is to pray that somehow one day, this confusion shall elucidate. insyaAllah. And as for the time being, I shall be waiting or the day i finally have my dream come true. It may or may not be possible that i am willing to wait and endure the uncertainty throughout, but i shall try. I guess no harm done by that.

Lucky for me to have all those lovely people who can hold my back and tell me over and over again that this is absolutely normal and we’ll pray for you. forever and always. Especially my mum; mama, you are one of a kind and I doubt that i can ever find somebody so perfect as you are. No possible words can ever be sufficient for me to express my thanks because you are the best and I will never trade that for anything.

p/s: please excuse my hormonal imbalance as this rarely ever happens to me. I really need to let it out. thank you.

with lots of love,
xoxo, nadia

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