we are like scattered jigsaw pieces but the moment we placed together, we complete each other

“Why on earth do I have to go for this camp?? dah la penat kemas rumah, bru habis xam smue… haih.,. double sigh”

If only I can take it all back,…
Samba 5 is the team that I shall never forget till the day I die. They are made up of this wonderful, too awesome, tremendous people that laugh and cry ith me throughout the five days we were together. There’s no possible way to describe how much they mean to me. So, day one of Soaring The Eagle camp begins.

It was plain. the ice breaking session with my big group, Group 3, stuffed together throughout the camp in Samba 5. We were tortured to remember each and every member’s name with their positive ‘sirname’! So, we have:

Knowledgeable KZ (our awesome daddy!)
Naturalist Noorina (our beloved mummy/ queen 😉 )
Powerful Pavalam
Excellent Ety
Ambitious Afiq
Strict Sabrina
Super Sue Yin
Steady Siew
Adamant Azu
Logical Lingesh
Humble Hafizul
Admirable Aqwa
Encouraging Ehsan
Determine Danial
Dreamer DE
Advanced Adam
Demanding Dennis
Marvelous Melisa
Attentive Anne
Lovely Liyana
Empowering Emma
Kind Ken Lin
and as for me, Nice Nadia.

We were further divided into several groups namely; Synthium, Primax, Sprinta and Mach 5.
My teammates, well, they are all guys. At first i thought I’ll be having a hard time with all guys in the group but my thought wrong. They are amazing and very chill people. I’m glad to work with them and its an honour to be part of the Synthium team. Thanks guys! =)

The activities slotted in our schedule were superb! I don’t even know where to begin. But I have to admit, the fascillitator did an amazing job in carrying out the activities! applauses please, people. The thing about STE that I get to bring home besides valuable experiences, great friendships, and strong bonding; is my sprained finger. ;( God has plan for us, definitely true.

A new family made, new problems shared had really eased the burden and tighten the knots that holds us together. I’m sorry guys since I had planned to put this on paper for all of you to bring back and maybe frame it or something but time doesn’t allow me to do so. Thus, let me have this moment to dedicate a personal dedication to everyone in Samba 5, my newly found; family.

p/s: please read the one with your name only. Integrity counts, okay? =)

dear, Demanding Dennis (our beloved and efficient Penghulu 😉 )

the first time I sa you my first impression was wow, he’s charismatic and its proven hen you volunteered as the Penghulu. Honestly, you did a marvelous job and we are proud of you. The other thing is that, I never thought that we can bond this fast and since we share the same problem, I hope that you will stay strong and there’ll be a happy ending at the end of this to repay your patience and sincerity. Hope I’ll be there to witness it happens. I admire your listening skill as a leader as not many have it.Since you studied in Taylor’s Hartamas, there is absolutely NO EXCUSE not hanging out in Subang okay! hehehe. Even when I’m writing this, I really hope we can talk and chat like nobody’s business again. Miss you so much Dennis!!!

xoxo, Nice Nadia

dear, Excellent Ety (our talented and amazing Penghuli and a sincere friend ;))

when we met at Iftar, I already enjoyed your presence. Your sense of humor really pushes the blue and bring back the joy. I really can’t imagine having to wither the conflicts alone.thanks a lot for that dear. I really enjoyed the time together with you, and the advices you gave me will always be with me as long as I live. Hope this friendship will never ever ends. By the way, you have an amazing voice! =) Hope everything works out well in your life and I’ll always pray for you sayang. 🙂 If you need anyone to talk to, I’ll be here and try my very best to help okay. Hope to see you and gossips some more and hey, I really miss you and love you very much. Thanks a lot sweetheart. 😀
xoxo, Nice Nadia

dear, Powerful Pavalam (a sweet girl with a beautiful voice 😉 ,

The moment I hear your voice when you speak, I was stunned to hear such beatiful voice! like, seriously. You are such a nice and sweet girl. very humble and soft spoken. I really miss you!! Don’t ever dare to forget me as I shall never be able to forget you even how hard I tried. hahaha. Thanks a lot for everything Pavalam. You are really such an amazing friend and I hope no matter where we are, who we are with and how long we didn’t see each other; our friendship shall remain strong. Hope to see you again, dear. Take care and all the best 😉
xoxo, Nice Nadia

dear, Ambitious Afiq (duet partner and wonderful Synthium group member)

hey afiq. Its nice to know you. thanks a lot for all your contribution for the team. you are the most chill and ‘selamba’ guy I’ve ever met! keep it up, we love you for that. thanks for making me realize that winning is not everything but having fun is what matters. =) I’m happy for you know, the thing between you and S*****a. heee. its an open secret already among us but saje nk letak star kat situ. ;P anyway, nanti makan nasi minyak jgn lupe ajak! hehehehe. Okay, whatever it is, hope our friendship last till the end of our life and hereafter. thanks again for everything and really miss you! all the best, take care. =)
xoxo, Nice Nadia

dear, Strict Sabrina (a strong girl and a loyal friend)

sayang!! first of all, rse cam xkene la nme strict sabrina tu. spttnye sweet sabrina ke..heee. btw, your dance moves, undoubtedly rocks!! I’m proud of you and maybe you can teach me easier moves one day. nak blaja lucifer to macam payah sangat je. -_-” I really admire your courage and preserverence. It moved me in a way. InsyaAllah there’s always a beautiful ending for patience. I’ll pray for you and hope that all the matters will be resolved. Thanks a lot for everything dear. I really appreciate it. Its a gift to have a friend like you. I cna’t imagine going through whatever that I have to go through alone. and not to forget, I’m really happy for you and a*** though. =) hope you guys find a happy ending and don’t you ever forget to invite me to your wedding! nak sit VVIP okay! hehehehe. Take care dear, (xpe, klu x care pun ade orng jagekan =P ). Love u always and.. I miss u!!!!
xoxo, Nice Nadia

dear, Super Sue Yin (the cute girl with ‘harapan’ ;))

sue yin, you are an amazing girl I’m glad to have the chance to meet with. I think you are very soft spoken and obliging (which is totally the opposite of the past you). I’m amazed by the way you voice out your thoughts. Compose but firm. Its amazing how you can pull out that way. Anyway, whatever happens our friendship shall remain strong and pure, okay. =) All the best to you and take care okay. I miss you sue yin!!! hope we can meet again and conduct our own STE. maybe STE 2! hahahaha. =) love you dear.
xoxo,Nice Nadia

dear, Steady Siew (more like Jamal Siew the amazing vocalist!)

OMG!! Siew! I didn’t know you can sing very well!! my jaw literally drop upon hearing your voice. its amazing! So, no more RM 10 for DOTA, must go kareoke! hehehehehe ;P Anyway, I’m proud of you siew! glad we can be together in this awesome camp cos if not for STE i might not know that you can sing amazingly well! Whtever it is, all the best to you and i shall see you in college again! hehehehe. Take care siew and all the best! hope we can hangout again especially in college! btw, detail me bout your “harapan” later okay!
xoxo, Nice Nadia

dear, Adamant Azu (the sweet and caring azu! )

Azu, i’m honored to meet a nice and very caring friend like you. i’m touched by the way you tried to find someone to bandage my hand. it means a lot to me, azu. All that I ant to say to you is that, people love you for who you are. there may be some who doesn’t but screw them! they just lose the chance of getting to know an amazing guy ho happens to be a loyal friend too! have confidence in yourself azu, you know you can do it. if you need anything, don’t hesitate to talk it over okay? we’ll all be here for you. =) btw, i miss you! all the best azu, take care. hope our friendship stays no matter what might be coming ahead. 😉
xoxo, Nice Nadia

dear, Logical Linges (more like the funniest person i’ve met on earth!)

i can still feel the pain due to excessive laughing on the last night of STE the truth or dare and the lame game. I’ve never laughed so much in my entire life and thanks for that. actually, I as so nervous at that time and thanks to you, i managed to drown it down. =) I’m really glad to meet you and I hope that you fell the same way too. I can’t forget your jokes especially the one with Hafizul! gosh, that’s funny!! anyway, stay in touch and wherever you are don’t you ever dare to forget me, okay! take care and all the best linges! miss you like god knows what! plus, maybe some time we can play those lame games again and enjoy your expression cos they’re damn funny! stay funny and happy cos people love you for ho you are. ignore those who doesn’t, they’re jealous. =)
xoxo, Nice Nadia

dear,Humble Hafizul (another guy that makes my day super bright with overdosed laughter)

yes, you are super funny. you were quiet at first and slowly you start showing your true colours! and that as when we discovered the real you. thanks for being my group member and thanks for all of your contribution. Sorry if I may said anything that offended you somehow.i miss you!Its great to meet a friend like you,. Hope to keep in touch and don’t you ever dare to forget me! hehehehe. all the best to you and take care! p/s, klu ade gf bgtau to clear off the ‘doubts’. hehehe. kdding2. =)
xoxo, Nice Nadia

dear, Admirable Aqwa (my dearest grandson =P )

hey aqwa, i hate to admit this but you are admirable! in what sense? i don’t know, your sense of humor,your ideas and wit. Its great to know you and thanks a lot for everything. btw, i owe you chocolate! (yes, i do remember 🙂 ) i want to apologize for my wrongdoings and lame joke. hope none remains as grudge. and i don’t take it personally too that grandma thingy, seriously. 🙂 Send my regard to your beloved and nnt mkn nasi minyak ajak! You are a wonderful guy and a great friend. thanks for making synthium an amazing team together. =)i miss you! since you are staying in Hartamas, ape lg, datng la subang. heeee. all the best and take care okay!
xoxo, Nice Nadia

dear, Encouraging Ehsan ( a romantic and cute guy)

honestly, mse first time you crite pasal your family, i’m so touched. and i’m surprised mse truth or dare that I remind you of someone. then i just realized STE memang medium yg pelik to connect people. but i’m glad to be your friend. thanks for everything, i really appreciate it. you are a nice guy ehsan, and i believe you’ll find somebody who will appreciate you dearly. i’ll always pray for the best and don’t forget to stay in touch. whatever happens, we’ll still be friends.i miss you! all the best in everything you do and take care. glad i can be part of your life through STE. =)
xoxo, Nice Nadia

dear,Determined Danial (my rival, ex schoolmate, funny neighbour)

hahhahahahaha. biler tringat je pasal lagu satu suara version klantan, trus rase cam rndu nk ddk skali mase kt class. padahal mse kt pc dlu, i don’t even have the chance to talk to you. you are an amazing guy and i really enjoyed talking nonsense with you. i’m glad we meet again despite you tried to avoid me by moving out from pc. hehehehehe. =P anyway, all the best to you and hope to keep in touch. don’t you ever dare to forget me! hehehehe. maybe we shold do this again sometime, i don’t know, talk nonsense to destress. =) thanks a lot and i miss you my dear neighbour!
xoxo, Nice nadia

dear, Dreamer DE ( an amazing and trustworthy groupmate )

hey DE. i’m happy to be given a chance to get to know you. you are such a supportive friend and its nice to have you in the group. your ideas are amazing! sometimes i can’t even think like that. i’m sorry for everything that i did wrong and hope e’ll be friends forever. all the best to you and do keep in touch okay. herever you are and whatever you do, don’t ever forget me! heeheheh. btw, i miss you! hope we can meet again and maybe organize a STE2 for Samba 5. =) take care and if you have the time datang la subang! =)
xoxo, Nice Nadia

dear, Advanced Adam ( an amazing guy who changed me just by being himself)

hey. there’s so much to rite about you here. but most of it i think i’ve already said during last night in STE. I’m sorry first of all for everything. at times, i really hope that things were different in STE and e wouldn’t have to face this situation. but whatever it is, its done and i hope that whatever decision that may be coming will be the best for all. thanks a lot for everything. i really appreciate your concern and i admired your personality in a way.you are different from the guys i know.you made me realize that nobody’s perfect and we have to accept others the way they are. another thins is that, i admire your honesty. all the best to you and hope to see you again. whatever that happens, we’ll be stay friends and you really mean a lot to me. i miss you.
xoxo, Nice Nadia

dear, Marvelous Melisa (a beautiful, charming, confident and gorgeous girl)

my first impression on you was, wow, she’s amazingly pretty and easy going. i’m proud of you that you can endure the emotional conflict within yourself all the while. it moved me to be as strong as you are. thanks a lot for without you knowing it, i really think that you are an amazing girl and that motivates me to improve. i’m glad that we get the chance to know each other and i really hope that whatever that had been holding you back, shall be a past that you will put behind and move on for a better future.really miss you! btw, don’t ever dare to forget me okay! hehheehe. all the best to you melisa and hope to see you again. maybe i’ll drop by in hartamas one day. 😉
xoxo, Nice Nadia

dear, Attentive Anne (the most ambitious and strong will girl i’ve ever met)

i think its an open book that you will be a successful person one day. like seriously. i mean, i can totally see that by the way you walk, the ay you stand and listen and by the confidence in you. keep it up anne. and, if you finally hit it big, jgn lupe kitorng ok! hehehe. its nice to meet you anne. i learnt a lot from you and i hope that our friendship shall not end here. thanks a lot for everything and all the best to you. plus, i think maybe one day you can teach me ho to save and manage my finance. =) take care anne and stay in touch okay! i miss you a lot!
xoxo, Nice Nadia

dear, Empowering Emma (a cute junior in STE =P )

emma, at first i thought u junior but bler pk blk, mne ade junior intake lg. heeee. sorry dear. that means you are cute. its nice to know you and i’ll value our friendship till the end of my life. you are very cheery and vibrant. thats what we love the most about you. since you slalu hangout kat sunway, do call me. i’ll definitely be coming. all the best and take care yeah dear. i miss you already!! promise we’ll hangout ok! see you soon emma! p/s: i love your green eyeliner!!! heee.=)
xoxo, Nice Nadia

dear, Lovely Liyana (an superb mama whom i shall remember forever!)

mama, at first i thought you will be just a senior who joined our STE and probably be bored. but then you are like the super glue that sticks us together. and i literally forgot that you are older than us. you removed what so ever barriers that we have among us and made us unite as one. i’m really proud of you. when you are leaving for overseas, pleaseeee with whipped cream on top, tell us and we’ll try our hardest best to wave you goodbye in KLIA. i’m very glad that we can meet each other and i really appreciate you as a wonderful friend that helped me through tough and tides. thanks a lot liyana. and, i’m sorry that i left your flower. i regret it till now. (besides my certificate and file. LOL) liyana, whatever it is, we love you and life goes on no matter how painful it is cos that’s what friends are for. they hold your hands and help you move on. love you so much and i really miss you!!!
xoxo, Nice Nadia

dear, Kind Ken Lin (the guy who talked with heart and amazed all of us by that)

hye ken lin. we didn’t really talked much during STE but i can feel the bond is there. and whenever we talked, there’s a lot of things you impressed me with. thanks ken lin for the note on the last day. all the best to you and take care. forget me not okay, i miss you =) keep in touch and hope to see you soon!
xoxo, Nice Nadia

Despite all the weirdness, drama and tears; we all had fun. we bonded in an unexplainable way but its something that we can never forget. take care guys, i love you all. Samba 5 rocks! =)

p/s: reunion shall be discussed especially for upcoming CNY. hope to see you guys again, missing you all like crazy!!!

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