another year had passed and the new chapter begins

Welcoming the new year with a ‘sitting-in-my-room-gossiping-with-my-sis-and-only-come-across-fireworks-by-luck’ had almost been a tradition for me and i’m just so used to it. But this year, I felt that the routine stirred different emotions though its exactly the same. Don’t know why it feels,. numb. (I’m not sure what word I am looking for, really.) 2011, I’m 19. (blinking) Like, seriously?! wow, it’s… umm, fast! I really like the expression of saying that, ‘I’m 18’. I love it. No, I ‘loved’ it. Since I can no longer say it, now.
Its a year that is (so far) the most memorable one, I think. The year that I would always walk back down to remember and recall the memories that tagged along with it, both bitter and sweet. I had to let go of 2010 somehow despite how hard I want to make it stay. As if that’s even possible. (sigh) A year with tears of joy, frustration, confusion, new friendships, hysterical laughters and awkward conversations; it was indeed a year to remember.
Its 2011 now. Its a new beginning of hopefully, a blissful and awesome year. (besides getting older, of course). Another year of fair choices, wise decisions, great success, accomplished resolutions and all the other beautiful things we can imagine to add up to this never-end list . Seems like a perfect picture isn’t it? So, WELCOME 2011! Let’s see what surprises come together with this interesting prelude that send 2010 off for good…

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