winds do shake darling buds of may.

The fact that it had been a while to even begin with, it had been a tough and painful pause. To erase the memories is almost impossible and to digest them in is unbearable. How to escape unscathed? Do not jump in in the first place, which is to late to say now. Its just that, at times; no matter how hard you tried to keep the emotions stirred in you,unexposed; the beams are always visible in your eyes. They never lied. I’m tired. Too tired, in fact; I’m exhausted.
Anyway, those are just some metaphores that portray the unstable emotions that I’m fighting against. Anyway, college is opening tomorrow and enough of fooling around, its time to get serious now. Can’t afford to disappoint them anymore. (by the word ‘them’, I mean the people that care and hope for the best in whatever that I’m doing) All the best Nadia, you’ll need it. xoxo

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