it breaks into a million pieces, unable to be stiched together

I remembered having a severe headache and the room swirling around. That was the last thing i remebered before feeling this strong fist on my chest, people calling my name and shaking me to wake me up. I can hear them and I wanted to tell them that but I can’t seem to be able to move my body. Not a limb. I became frustrated and I forced myself hard. Nothing happened. They lifted me up onto a bed and carried me into the ambulence. Liyana and Adam were there with me trying to calm me down, telling me that everything will be fine. I closed my eyes trying to sweep away the pain that I’m having and trying to convince myself that yes, everything will be okay.
I think if I weren’t to die because of the pain that I’m having, I would involve in an accident while lying down in that very ambulence. It sped like nobody’s business. -_-” I was taken to the hospital. Mama, ayah and Sakinah came not long after that. I can’t help the tears that streamed down my face the moment i saw them. Liyana, Adam, Dennis, Sabrina, Ety, Danial F, DE, Ken Lin, Emma, Aqwa, (i think that’s all) came to the hospital too. I was (and still am) touched. Honestly, with all of them there, and with their wonderful gifts eased my pain a little,. Thanks guys, I owe you guys this.
Actually, this post is specially dedicated to the Most Awesome Samba Ever members (even to those whop can’t make it during the incidece);
Guys, I owe this to all of you,. For screwing up this supposed-to-be-awesome-and-memorable reunion. I promise, I’ll make up to this later okay? We’ll have another one I hope (this time without paramedics involved). Thanks a lot for those sweet presents; they made my day. I just wanted to say that, no matter what happens, this breakdown has got nothing to do with whatever that happened during the gathering. I think i’m just too tired and exhausted. Hope we can conduct another proper gathering afterwards, please.
p/s: my parents send their regards and thanks to all of you guys 😉
I’m trying to get better and relieve all the burden and stress that I have in mind now. Please pray and keep your support going. I need them much. thanx
xoxo,. Nadia

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