28 days left and counting….

trials is over. phewh,..I think i flunked my trials for some obvious reasons that shall not be discussed in public. and the real AS exam is just around the corner. almost everybody camp out in the study lounge which literally is my home now. and where i spent most of my time with a bunch of friends. “hardcoring”. pretty much.
So, to all my beloved friends with AS and A2 fever tagging along these few weeks, ALL THE BEST!!! and hope we all get the results we desired for, insyaAllah. believe me, at the end of the day, it will all be worth it. (I actually have an after A-levels to-do list to keep reminding myself that I should work hard now and have fun later,. fighting!
Another few quandaries to deal with is….. Okay, I shall not freak myself out first and just do my very best. pray that Allah will show me the best path. i’m nervous,…
xoxo, Nadia

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