i know how hard this is for the both of us, but let me make it right this time

There are many things in life that we simply regretted when we realized what we had done and how we could do it differently. (or in my case SHOULD do differently) I know sometimes a change may seem a bit too late as we all are already used to how things were but I know I was wrong. I mean this change will allow more fairness and less discriminations. Let’s start over and take a step at a time through this rough patch hand in hand. I promise to try my very best as best as a flawed human being can to make this work. InsyaAllah, we’ll go through this together.

And, thanks for giving me this space to fit in. I owe you this. 😉

p/s: i seriously do and InsyaAllah forever will love you, both. (and not to mention, the other three superheroes of course)

To both of my sisters, i know how cheesy and insane this post might be; but let me get the point straight. I love you both and if you guys need anything, I’m here. All you have to do is ask. 😉

xoxo, nadiaismadi

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