its a story of a woman, a firefighter and a person trapped in a burning tower

There’s a lot to life that one must learn. Sometimes these lessons may be painful, pleasant or depressing. I have a lot to learn from all these. It is very painful and at the same time confusing as to how people behave differently towards a particular event.

For instance, in the event where a hopeless man trapped in a building that was on fire, an old woman that passed by and a firefighter who later noticed that the man trapped was an old friend; have different insights as to what they should do and how to handle this particular situation.

The old woman:

asks for help but at the same time she reflects tragedies as part of ups and downs in life, for she had seen so much pain in her life to a point that she is indifferent towards this incident. Besides, she too was helpless as she’s old and weak. In her mind, she’s thinking of her cats and dogs that needs to be feed at home as she walks. As for her, the pets are living things too that need to be attended to as it will be cruel to let them starve. Not oblivious to the reality, she is a woman. Of course, appearing tough and ignorant to the current situation is only exterior as inside she’s hurt and wounded by the past incidence.

The firefighter:

May be shocked by the casual act to ignore the situation by that lady and when he couldn’t figure the logic behind it, he went into deep emotional stir. Looking at his very close friend in that situation broke his heart but of course, he’s doing his job and there’s procedures he needs to follow to rescue him. He wants the best for him and trying all his might to save the poor man. Without him realizing, the rational he’s trying to compute about that lady’s behavior; was made verbal loud enough for her to hear. He broke her heart with his thoughts aloud. He probably didn’t mean to hurt her as that was his spontaneous response to the current situation.

I’m missing somebody here. Of course!;

The man trapped in the building:

Can only cry out loud for help that seemed ages to come in his direction.

-The End-

As a bystander I am (and of course; all of you), I am deeply hurt by that tragedy and wishes that the lady somehow would do something. But who understands what she went through? Who can relate to her past experiences? Neither the bystanders nor the firefighter. We all are oblivious to possibilities that maybe the man trapped in that building hurt her so much to a point she would rather care about her pets than him. Or she simply had seen so many of such accidents in her life that this one made no difference to her? Which one? We’ll never know. Despite how many times she said she had forgiven him for all those years, she’s still a woman who’s fragile and very filled with emotions. As for the firefighter, he is used to seeing people trapped in buildings but this one touches him more as he is related to this individual. This poor man is no stranger and for all those years together, he was worth saving. Of course seeing a person close to his heart in distress, he was crushed but at the same time he shouldn’t have said those to that old lady.

I picked up some lessons along;

Lesson 1: Watch what we say and do in life as good things come around and so will bad things; they come around faster.

 Lesson 2: True forgiveness is really hard to give and earn. So think twice before hurting anybody.
p/s: Blunt people like me may hurt people without us realizing it but please tell us if we are hurting you. Thank you. 😉

Lesson 3: Priorities vary from a person to another. So as decisions and reasonings. Try talking it out nicely when we disagree but if the other end won’t budge, respect them.

Lesson 4: Take tragedies and incidents as form of lessons from the institution of life and bring it along with us as these are essences that make us stronger and wiser in our journey ahead, InsyaAllah.

xoxo, NadiaIsmadi

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