This Fish

So, what is this about? Jumping boat? Taking sides? Suicidal mission?

None of the above.

It is about the leap. Taking the leap is exactly like that fish. How so?

1. That fish is bigger than the rest thus he feels that the bowl is too crowded and small for him. A new bowl would be better, in which he can swim freely. Likewise, taking a leap would be when you feel that there’s no more room or opportunity for you to grow thus moving or exploring new possibilities would be beneficial for you to achieve your goal or purpose.

2. The fish is taking the leap solo. Similarly, pursuing your dreams may sometimes leave you alone in the path you wish to take. It requires courage, determination and imagination to reach there.

3. That fish is putting it’s life at stake as the consequences of failing in his case could be fatal. In reality, this is risk taking. How far would you wish to go, what are you sacrificing to achieve your dreams, and whether those sacrifices are worth it. Its like a gamble. There are chances in which you may fail. Recovering or getting up from that fall may not be as easy as you think.

4. What about the fishes that are left behind? Will they assume anything? Will they judge? As much as I want to sugarcoat this, let’s face it; our society is judgmental. On one end, you are propelling yourself further but others may pull you back and give you a gazillion and one reasons as to why you shouldn’t and couldn’t do this or that.

How interesting isn’t it? One picture really worth a thousand words. This Fish made me realize that the situation that I am in is a fundamental process in which I have to go through and make decisions accordingly. Animals need to make this choice too to ensure their sustenance. Like they say; animals have problems too. Whales and sharks have problems. So, who am I too complain?

xoxo, NadiaIsmadiĀ 

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