Urgh. I hate figuring out titles.

  If this snowman can make the best out of summer why can’t I?

So, I just googled ‘how to transfer your photos from iphone to macbook’. Clearly, I am technology savvy. I was thinking some ways to personalize my blog and thought maybe my own photos will do the trick. Anyway, that’s not important.

I know how this blog had been filled with some emo-ish posts that only I can understand and some of my friends don’t want to read it because I never write about them or they thought they have nothing to do with any of my posts here. *If only they can read between the lines, they will be coming back for more. Always.

I just feel like writing some happy thoughts that I have, hoping that they can bring you some happiness too. I figured that I have to put those stacks of self help books I read to practice. Woohoooo!! (clearly that cheer look awkward there on its own but I just want to show some excitement).

I have been  on an emotional roller coaster these past few months and I figured, I really can’t do this anymore. I have not been living properly. Although, I am not suggesting that there is a certain template to life that one must fulfill but I am not living the way I wanted to live. *way to go on the happy thoughts Nadia.* I need to overhaul my life and see how can I be better. So, here are my action plans:

1) FOCUS on what’s important

           Seriously, there are other more important thing out there than just *cough marriage cough* (now I hope my mum reads my blog. heheehehe). Focus on more important things like how they ran out of shirts my size on Fashion Valet! Also, how my parents and siblings are doing. I put that separately instead of just group them under the “family” headline because I worry about them separately. I feel more organized that way.

2) READ whenever I can 

    I find this one a tad bit difficult because I barely touched my study books let alone other books. Particularly the huge book haul from the last Big Bad Wolf sale and the well spent book vouchers. Sigh. Anyway, I read somewhere that a good book is a good company. It will be so loyal to you, follow you anywhere, never answers back in any arguments (not even for self defense purposes), never decide that its too busy for you and will never get upset or cranky. Obviously I am still talking about BOOKS!

3) EXERCISE or spend more days outside

I had to use this picture because its either this or the usual half naked women covered in sweat. I mean, I don’t want people to be coming here for different reasons.

Anyhow, I know this exercise thingy has been the permanent new year resolution for me but this time, it’s real. Seriously.

I shall start small like a walk or a jog at least once a week.
*Terms and conditions apply*

4) PAMPER myself at the end of the week


               Only at the end of the week. I think that’s the most important point. I have been pampering myself too much for nothing. So now its becoming like a normal thing instead of something special to look forward to. But putting cucumbers on my eyes are off the table cos I would rather have them in my salad: which brings me to my next point;

5) EAT properly and healthily

                I love veges and fruits so that isn’t really the issue. Eating on time with proper food and taking my supplements are the REAL challenges. Anyway, I shall try. InsyaAllah.

xoxo, Nadia Ismadi

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