The Game

Hell is empty, all the devils are here
said Shakespeare.

Its the devils’ playground here,
Throwing fire around playfully at one another
to see who is stronger,  more powerful
Leaving innocent creatures
squandering amongst their feet
scalded, burnt into ashes
What about their souls? Their innocent souls?
What about it?
Its all merely a game.

Who cares which Wolf ate the sheep?
Can a flock of sheep rise above the pack of Wolves
without being eaten or shred to death?
Wait, here comes the Lions trying to do justice
Who ate the sheep?
The Wolves are finding a way out
Oh, the sheep went missing
deep down in the valley
nowhere to be found.
Wait, we are talking about THESE sheep?
not THOSE sheep?!
Oh, oh! It must have been the Hyenas!
Yes, blame it all on the Hyenas
Simply because nobody can lay their paws and claws on the Hyenas
Not the Wolves, nor the Lions
can ever come close to them Hyenas.

We pray to go to Heaven and not to Hell
The truth is,
We all are in Hell
We are on the game board,
moved around by the Devils
The dice are rolling
Let’s see who’s turn it is.

xoxo, nadia ismadi

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