I am not the only one

Whenever I see someone killed in movies, honestly I could never be bothered because there’s  nothing to relate to. But today I was murdered. Brutally. I was wondering how I could have cheated death should I get the chance. Although at this point, it’s pretty much too late.

I am traveling in this tunnel. I am lost. I am not sure where to go. It feels so strange and cold. I am stripped bare. I look around for some sense of familiarity and comfort. My vision fails me, my entire body is shaking and my heart is numb. I am bleeding but I have to keep walking. It’s so painful, I am limping now. Making my way through this uncertainty. Where I am heading? What do I do now?
I don’t know.

I turn around looking at a figure standing on the other end of the tunnel. There you are, holding something in the shadows. I am so relieved. I want to run towards you. As our distance grow smaller, I see your face. You stare at me and I force a smile. You have no idea how safe I feel right now thinking of your warm embrace and imagining how you will tell me everything will be alright.

Here I am, right in front of you. You are standing still. Frozen while you hand trembles. There it is in your hand the dagger, covered in blood so red. My blood. Slowly one drop after another hits the floor. I am kneeling, in pain and in vain. My hope shatters.

I sob in silence. My tears are dried. My wound grows bigger as I slowly curl up and wait.

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