It’s a new beginning

I am fully aware that this post is long overdue. But better late than never they say. Or like my mum always says ‘kalau memang perangai macam tu nak buat macam mana, mama setakat…’ Owh, that’s the other thing she said. ie: everytime I said something ‘ridiculous’ in her book. Like better late than never. teehee.

Anyways, I have been reflecting on 2014 and thinking about how much I’ve grown as a person before jumping into 2015 New Year Resolutions. *clear throats* Some people take 5 days to reflect and come up with resolutions la okay! you judgmental people.

So, here they are:

1) stop procrastinating. So far so good. (scoop ice cream while telling myself: no honey, you’re not in denial. )

2) This should really be on top: Get TNB to pay for this picture.

3) TIME MANAGEMENT! I know, I know. I need a new watch.

4) Get my sample pieces ready. 😉

*The black skirt below is one of it.

TNB will have to pay for this one as well 😛

5) Finish at least 15 new books.

6) Exercise more. I’m exhausted even by the thought of it.

I think those are my top priorities. Others are just something I’m already working on. So, yeah. I guess that’s that.

*Disclaimer* I am hoping that by making this resolutions public I am somewhat motivated to work even harder to make sure I get them done by the end of this year. If not, then I guess there is really no hope for me. *cry in silence*

Nadia Ismadi

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