6 years and counting

(pausing the Yasmin Mogahed video that is playing on youtube. My ability to multitask is deteriorating). It started back then in boarding school in 2008 and we were inseparable ever since. We grew together and share happy moments and sadness together. It was and still is so much fun. I’m talking about my two chubby cheeks. And the third wheel (in this case fourth) is Naddy. Teehee, you know I’m joking right Naddy? *cheshire grin*
Through thick (the one on the left) and thin (the girl in the red kebaya)
She’s the craziest person I’ve ever met. No, second craziest. My mum is always the number one. The last time Naddy and I met was when I was in Taylors College. I was so excited to see her again and maigod this woman never change! Still as crazy and skinny. We had an intellectual discussion over a healthy meal. (Read: we had a juicy gossip session over meatballs at IKEA) 

From left to right: Kila, Naddy, Tok and Mama. 

I didn’t have time to write you a letter the other day because mama was shouting ‘cepat cepat!’, so here is an open letter for you Naddy. 
Dear Naddy,
First of all, it’s not fair that you look so slim in that red kebaya. And I have no idea where those 15 meatballs went as the buttons on your red kebaya did not pop out when you’re done with your meal. No, I’m not jealous just a bit concerned. *checking your purse to see if you hid them in there*
Last but not least, I’m so happy for you about the you-know-what happening this coming you-know-when!!! Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone. 😉 
I love you loads!!! Take care and whatsapp me after you read this. (I will whatsapp you when I’m done writing so you can read this.)
Hugs and Kisses,
Oh, and thanks Kila for the lovely photos! Its nice to meet you! (naddy, please tell Kila to read my blog)
Nadia Ismadi

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