Choco, you owe me one

First and foremost, I cannot emphasis enough how much of a sacrifice this was for me. I’m allergic to cats. I think that pretty much summed it all up. 
Choco fought with this stray cat (for the fun of it let’s call the other cat, Johnny). Johnny bit Choco in the leg and now the poor lil guy is injured. I am assuming he got his *** kicked by a male cat. If it was by Miranda or Jenny I would have to send him to kickboxing classes. Anywho, none of us thought this day would come. The day we will have to take the cat to the vet because that’s just the kind of pet owners we are. Responsible, very responsible indeed. We don’t have a pet carrier. 
So, desperate times call for desperate measures. This amazing carrier you are about to witness is not only spacious but also equipped with wheels just in case your obese pet refused to walk. It is also used as a shopping cart at the pasar. Tadaaaa!
poor baby, he looked so confused. 
So we (Me and Bakri – who will later be introduced in this post) took Choco to the vet proudly with that high tech carrier of mine. The doctor did some procedures and I stayed in that room until she’s done. Did I mention I’m allergic to cats? I was praying that the anti allergies I took will last me at least till I get home. There’s fur everywhere! 

Believe it or not that was my hand.
For you skeptics out there. 
Choco was not the only one who felt relieved at the end of it all. Me and Bakri would have hi-fived the doctor if not for the thought of more fur on her hands. 
Oh, the one in white is Bakri. The other two are Fahmi and Faishal. There’s no need to know which one is which. They look exactly the same. 
Nadia Ismadi

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