Where’s the car?!

Dina Osman did it again! Remember when I said she’s one of my entertainment sources? She has outdone herself this time. *applauses*
Mak Wo (my grandma aka Dina Osman’s beloved mother) wanted to walk around today so we took her to Alamanda.
Munirah, me and Mak Wo
Oh oh before I forget, my brothers are “not feeling very well” today. So, we took the poor boys along so they’d feel better.
They’re choosing their “remedies”
Feeling much better now are we?
Which of these masks makes me look more badass?

Moments before we were thrown out of Toys R Us
So, the boys felt better and the video below shows why we were thrown out of the store. In my defence, it is supposed to be a fun place isn’t it?!
End of part 1.
Back to the story of my mom at Alamanda. After the shopping spree, I told them I wanted to buy something and I’d meet them at the car park. (10 mins later)…
Mama: Nadia, kereta dah hilang! Astaghfirullah! Macam mana ni?! Tadi I saw someone driving a black car that looks exactly like ours! (panicking)
Nadia: Seriously ma? Nnt Nadia turun. (casually walking while thinking to myself that there’s no way the car went missing)
Walked down to the car park. They were not there. Fortunately, the car was.
Called mama and she didn’t answer. I prayed (really really hard) that she didn’t call my dad as he would probably be in the middle of an operation.
Nadia: Ma, where are you? I am here with the car.
Mama: Heheheeh, ye ke? Where are you? I think I’m at the wrong car park. Hehehehe. Wait let me call the police to tell them we’ve found our car. Bye.
Yeap, that’s right. She called the police, guys. She called the POLICE! *facepalm*
Later when she got down to the parking lot and saw me she went “polis tu kata a lot of cases like happened”. Mak Wo could have gotten a heart attack thanks to this lady. -.-”  haih.
End of Drama Minggu Ini, Episod: Satu-satunya Kereta Hitam Di Dunia Ini Telah Hilang.
Nadia Ismadi

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