A Day

If there’s anything that my mum loves more than me, it will be weddings. Yes, weddings. And yes, I lied. She loves weddings more than me.

I’m supposed to be rushing to the airport to catch a flight but she wants to make a pitstop at yeap, you’ve guessed it; a wedding. Anyway, I was thinking what should I wear since I need to change anyways before going to the airport so I thought volume skirt!

Traditionally, weddings are like gatherings of chiffons and flowy stuff so I thought let’s change that. Also, because I need something that I can take off easily in the car. So, I put on these:

No intention to be biased towards home grown brand (literally because I’m based at home. hahahaah!), but I’m addicted to this volume skirt series! They’re just fun and easy to wear. Love those pockets and I feel like a model from Vogue or something walking around with hands in my pockets. The closest I can ever get to modelling anyways. 
So, I went to the wedding with mama and mun. We had to rush to the airports afterwards so the car became my changing room. Munirah asked if I want shots of me changing for the blog. Seriously.
You seriously thought they’ll be pictures of me changing?! Perverts! 
To the airport we went! Ayah came all the way from the hospital to send me off. One awwwhh moment for my awwwhh moment bank. That’s right, I have an awwwhh moment bank. 
I love you ayah. *hugs and kisses*
Excuse my poorly executed cardigan. I’m counting the days to go home now. That would be less than a month from now. Woohoo!
This was me killing time with a good book. Seriously, i do read and that book was not just a prop for the picture. Sheesh! Let it go okay!

My twin accompanied me throughout the journey. And she’s gorgeous! Even while being shocked she’s flawless. *cries*

Nadia Ismadi

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