Speaks volumes

I’m so proud to launch my own clothing label and the skirt on this gorgeous lady is part of the collection. Yeap, that’s right. Fazrena Aziz is wearing my skirt! *butterflies everywhere*

The volume skirt is our signature piece and I love everything about it. Fine, I do sound completely biased but hear me out okay. I love the structure of this skirt and just the whole feel of it. And the pockets, don’t let me start on them pockets! They’re really useful I promise. Can fit an iPhone (or two if you count both sides). I don’t know if it can fit iPhone 6 as I do not have it. Yet. No, I don’t have a 6 plus either. *smirks*

Thank Pajina, for the lovely pictures! 😉

Check us out on Instagram @nadiaismadiofficial or drop us an email at nadiaismadi1@gmail.com.
Our FB page is undergoing an overhaul. Will update accordingly.

Nadia Ismadi

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