Throwback: Cambodia

I just got back from an awesome trip to cambodia. Like 5 months ago. I know, I know but I just learnt how to transfer pictures to my computer. I will give you the address to my rock below.

So, I went to Cambodia for my internship / mini vacation. Mostly internship, like 99.97% of the time. Seriously, no joke.

That’s me working, see!

Now who needs a monopod?

I was quite fortunate that the company sponsored a marathon in Siem Reap so off to Siem Reap we went! I went on a temple marathon alone instead. No, it was not sad. It was more like Eat, Pray, Love (although I have no idea how it ended because I slept off after the first 15 minutes). Oh, there was no guy. So I guess it was just Eat, Pray, Alone. Here are some pictures:
The amazing view of Angkor Wat. No photo editing required. 
No, those are not nipples. *cover the eyes of those underage kids and scroll down fast!*
I believe the top was wrinkled. At inappropriate places. But checkout those carvings! Magnificent ey?
This was probably how people imagined hudud to be like. Actually the heads and all on many statues were stolen and sold as antiques. Such a shame because many people died in the process to build this temple. I really appreciate history more when I went there. How I wish history lessons in my class back then were this fun. 
Notice the obnoxious pink hat, I see? I needed that because my tuk-tuk (google this if you have no idea what it means) driver couldn’t find me the first time I got off. I told him after I bought the hat, if you still can’t find me you are color blind. I don’t think he got it. 

Where are the other pictures? The ones I went shopping? What shopping? Who? When? I don’t know what you’re talking about! Shouldn’t you be attending to something? Like I don’t know. Your life? 
Nadia Ismadi

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