Of party planning and balloons

This is a birthday shoutout to this sweetheart; Syazwani Hanif! Happy 54th nenek! 
*salam cium tangan*

Planning a surprise party is crazy difficult. *scratching off ‘party/wedding planner’ from my ambition list*. We had that itch to just tell her that ‘we’ve planned an awesome bash for you Wani!’. Oh my god, the whole covering up with ridiculous stories of needing advice about boyfriends to friends thrown out of the house were hilarious! Yeah, we went to the extremes. But glad we managed to pull it through! With the chief planner, Sufrina.

That’s Suf’s flip hair moment
Part of the organizing committee ;D
We asked what’s her wish and she said she wants to get married. Mahadhir. *nudge nudge*
Arranging people for a photo when all you can think about was ‘Dibs on the Oreo Cheesecake!’ could be pretty challenging
The cake. She isn’t exactly 54. Probably 53 and a half. Shhhhh! Keep it to yourselves please.
We wanted like an ala Friends group shot. So here we go.
Wait, what’s taking him so long? 
We had to check to make sure our photographer did not leave us to be ran over by vehicles. 
So, that’s that. We had a really great time and hopefully you did too Wanie! And, Happy Birthday in advanced! *hugs and kisses*
Nadia Ismadi

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