I am not whiny

What the heck is wrong with me?

I don’t know if you guys have gone through this before but I’m bored. No, no hear me out here. Not bored like ‘I have nothing to do’ nor ‘I’m just generally a boring person’ but I am not interested in doing things. True that, I am blogging and that is doing something. Sheeesh, don’t they have public holidays for keyboard warriors or something? Well, they really should.

I mean before the exam I have been dying to watch Friends and youtube videos about koalas, read random books, walk about aimlessly, play guitar by the roadside, learn to play the guitar, etc.But now that I’m done with exams and I can watch a documentary about the trees they get woods to make guitars from if I want to, I don’t feel like it anymore. Whhhhyyyyyyy?!?

Okay, that’s problem one. Now my eyelashes are starting to fall. Noooooooooooo! I only have so little. *sobs* *sniffles* My mum and my sisters always make fun of me while flipping their lusciously long eyelashes in my face. Speaking of face. *wails* *smashes things to the wall*
My skin feels like a pickle. All bumpy and irritated. Probably it will turn green one of these days. (I will not appreciate any Hulk jokes please. Thank you.)

Okay, I’m done whining. I need to figure out how to attach my eyelashes back (picking out those eyelashes from my hair. They did not make my hair grew longer. That ‘petua turun temurun’ was a myth. A very cruel one indeed).

Thanks for listening guys. You are the best. *hugs* Sorry for the snot in your hair. No, the other side. Yeah, right there. Sorry I don’t have any tissue.

Nadia Ismadi

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