My addiction

I love massages. A lot. Too much that it starts to worry the people around me. Some even suggest massageholic anonymous.

Oh, since I don’t have those fancy schmancy massage chair at home, the Rest and Go is my only opton. They’re pretty much everywhere. That’s one of the reasons why I enjoy sending you off to the airport, friends. No offense, I love you guys it’s just that my feelings for those chairs are slightly greater.

Aaaaahhhhh, that’s the spot.
Oh, I have news to share. I found this tool at Daiso which helps me pretty much get the knots on my shoulders, back and feet untangled! I don’t know if that’s the correct way of saying it but it does the job! You ready? Drumroll please….
I know it looks odd and dangerous but seriously, this hook is fantastic! You put the ‘knob’ on any part of your back and pull the handle. It will somewhat put pressure on that point and you will definitely go ‘Aaaaaaahhhhh oooohh aaahhhhh’. I promise. So, I will rave about this to all my friends until each and everyone of them have this. It is seriously handy especially multitaskers out there. You can do it while reading or watching a movie or cooking. I have never tried the latter because I may burn things. So, go to Daiso and buy this. 
Nadia Ismadi 

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