It’s that time of the year again

awwwwhhhh, for me?! Thanks! Yeah, I know where the cashiers are.
I know, we are not supposed to celebrate Valentines Day but it’s amazing to see the lengths people are willing to go for their loved ones. Like this one,
Maigod that’s a HUGE bouquet! (I have a dirty joke in my head now) *chuckles*
I think the girl can start a potpourri business when the flowers wilt. I had a great day myself. My friends and I went to watch Kingsman: The Secret Service. Nothing makes me happier than British accent. It’s quite a nice movie. I’m completely biased here as they really exploited my weak knees for the accent and cute guys. And they had cute guys with British accent. My judgement went cloudy. 
I thinks it’s a laid back version of James Bond with quite the suave actually. No, no I will never cheat on you Bond. Come on. 
Nadia Ismadi

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