I’m definitely generally not a morning person (positivity is key). I have been trying to force myself not to sleep after Fajr. And it is tough guys! I mean, if I don’t have anything happening that day, after Fajr prayer  Zzzzzzzzzzz…. So, my new year resolution is to not sleep after Fajr! It’s already mid Feb? Wow, you are a bunch of negsies aren’t ya?

negsies (nag-zees)
people who are negative, especially towards others

So, I did not sleep after Fajr today.
6:30 am : I felt slightly lightheaded.
7:00 am:  I knew I had to do something.
7:15 am:  Went to buy breakfast outside. Ah, the sounds of people rushing to work in their vehicles.
                And the birds chirping to one another ‘why didn’t you wake me up! Now we’ve missed the                   worms.’ *chirps angrily*
7:30 am:  I think ‘khailullah’ (short nap) starts now.
7:35 am:  Write a blog post about waking up early.

Okay, that’s the story of me waking up  staying up early. I don’t know if that made any sense. I shall dive into my books now. Bought plenty of them and at the rate that I’m going now, they most probably will not attend my funeral.

Ask me why books attend funerals. I dare ya.

This is how I THINK I look like in the morning. All smiley and chirpy with a cup of coffee in my hand. 
This is how I ACTUALLY am in the morning.
Okay, fine, fine. I probably (highly unlikely) look like this in the morning. Happy?

Nadia Ismadi

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