Swimming can save lives and be suicidal at the same time. A double headed spear that is.

Oohh, ouuch, eeekkk.

I’m trying to provide a more lifelike experience for all of you. Give me some credits okay.

I make old lady sounds with my every move now. It’s been a while since I my body ache like this. I went swimming just now after about 3 years not touching the pool. I can feel my muscles pulsating. I’m serious! I can only lift my hands up to here. Oh, I just tried and I can touch my ears. That’s good news people!

Honestly, I can’t swim. (murderers please refrain from reading this blog. I lied. I can swim) Technically, I can move from one end to the other as long as my feet are touching the pool floor. I was swimming with this bunch of amazing kids. They’re super! 30 laps! Crazy right?! So I asked the coach whether I can join the swimming class since I can’t swim. Again murderers, I’m playing a joke on you. And he (the coach not the murderers) replied casually, ‘it’s okay if you can’t swim as long as you know how to drink water’. What did he meant by that? He will drown me?!
Very motivating isn’t it?

Okay, I really should stop writing because with every key I press, my neighbors probably think that a male cat is in labor.

Speaking of cats, do you know bobcat? You do? Great. Speaking of bob, I had a haircut today and I look like a 13 year old. Weeheww! I probably should keep this hairstyle till I’m 60. *looking at younger self in the mirror* Get some sleep, kiddo.

Nadia Ismadi

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