I wish I was there. No, not you pasar.

The weather. Is too hot. For anything.

Speaking of hot, here’s Naddy. And she’s engaged! *fireworks* *confetti*

p/s: This is the you-know-what-from that previous post.

Oh my God how time flies. Back then we used to plan our weddings on her bunk bed in boarding school. Fighting over who will be the first one and I bet she will. It’s a shame there was no money involved or I would have been filthy rich by now.

And now she’s engaged and (holding back tears) I am so happy for her. She’ll be a wonderful wife I know. Oh, this is too emotional for me. I can’t cry a lot because it’s a really really hot day and I will get dehydrated.

She’s too beautiful!
So here’s another letter:
Dear Future Bride,
Congratulations again baby! And I will always pray for your happiness and may Allah ease everything for you. Will have to catch up before I leave. *kisses*
Your Tukang Kipas
What about me? My day was quite interesting and happening as well okay. Went to the market. Not as joyous and glamorous I know, but you learn a lot when you go to the market. For instance, who can tell me what are these? 
Clue number 1: They’re not mushrooms. Or any kind of fungus.
I also learnt that they sell everything at the pasar. And by everything I meant EVERYTHING. From fishes to cars and everything in between. Like balloons. And phone cables. And rat traps. And toys. And potong ice cream (this is usually the main reason for my trip to the pasar). 
To-bring to the market: carts. 
pasar: market (usually wet markets)

tukang kipas: maid of honor / bridesmaids (the distinction between the two still eludes me)

See, how educational was that?
Nadia Ismadi

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