I still can’t figure out why the ostrich?

This book debunked all the myth and destroyed my understanding on capitalism. I can hear the voices in your heads saying this is a boring and old  matured people’s book. But it’s not! It’s seriously witty and quite entertaining.

I was flipping through it in a bookstore in Cambodia and I had to get it. First of all, it has this cute bookmark called The Little Blue Book. It’s a snippet from Chang’s other book called ‘Economics: The User Guide’ (which I saw at Kinokuniya yesterday and didn’t buy) *kick self*

In the cute bookmark it says, 5 things they don’t tell you about economics:

1) 95% of economics is common sense (quite true)

2) Economics is not science ( I can feel the sharp stare from those economist)

3) Economics is politics (touche)

4) Never trust an economists (more sharp stares) *zip lips*

5) Economics is too important to be left to the experts

I really hate myself for not buying the other book. Urgh! Anyways, he has a very approachable style to his writing and the subject matter: capitalism.

For instance, did you know that washing machine has changed the world more than internet has? How? I’m not telling you Mr/Mrs/Miss Lazypants! Read it for yourselves. He also argues about how education does not make a country richer and Africa is not destined to be underdeveloped. I know, I had that same thought as well. No, not about Africa. I know no countries are ever ‘destined’ to be poor or rich. The education bit shocked me. Thank you Mr Chan for giving me more reasons to not do my masters. At least not right away.

Okay, if you are still not convinced that his writing is worth the money, here’s something.

Representatives of different professions were debating which profession is the oldest. The medical doctor said: ‘what was the first thing that God did with humans? He performed an operation-he made Eve with Adam’s rib. The medical profession is the oldest.’

‘No, that’s not true’, the architect said. ‘The first thing he did was to build the world out of chaos. That’s what architects do – creating order out chaos. We are the oldest profession.’

The politician who was patiently listening, grinned and asked: ‘Who created that chaos?’

Okay, maybe this book is not for everybody.

Nadia Ismadi

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