My first time

Before we move on any further, let me first clarify a couple of things:

1) I am not a spoilt brat. My parents are just very particular about safety.
2) I have nothing against public transport.
3) I generally look mean.

Okay now that those are established, I feel more comfortable to say that I took the LRT alone for the first time yesterday. Yeap, lay all the jokes you have on me.

It was bittersweet to be honest. (I shall not elaborate on my experience until you stop poking fun at me).

Someone said I look like a police officer. Probably I am. You wouldn’t know that. *mysterious grin*

Went to meet my beloved cousin, Husna (henceforth will be know as ‘Senah’) and walked around for a bit. We had lunch but obviously we both couldn’t wait to take photos of the food and when we are done, nothing was photo-worthy. *sigh*

Senah and Miss I-was-not-trying-to-look-candid-i-was-really-on-the-phone
Guess where this is?
We went book shopping. I couldn’t decide what book to buy and the thought of having tons of unread books at home scared me so I bought none. 
That’s the story of my lil adventure. Thank you, Thank you. *bows*
Nadia Ismadi

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