Too much wisdom

Hey there!

It’s Miss Blowfish! Well, Miss Half-a-blowfish. Had my wisdom tooth removed. It was no big deal. Took it like a hero (wanted to say ‘man’ but I’m a feminist). I didn’t cry. Yeap, you heard that right. Not a teardrop! At first.

Later that day, after the numbness gone and the pain started kicking in, my eyes watered. It was really painful okay. My face started to swell and that’s not the worst part. I have a flight to catch tomorrow! And I look like I have food in my cheek all the time. If anyone were to ask me can he/she have whatever it is that I am having in my mouth (hoping it be gum or candy), serious damage will be done. So, please, to those sitting on the plane with me tomorrow, keep your opinions to yourselves. I will really appreciate it.

I miss talking. I really do. It’s okay, I have you guys. So, tell me about you. I know I have been selfish talking about me all the time but today, it’s all about you. How are you guys doing? What are you up to? Tell me something. Anything. Okay, I feel lightheaded. I should lie down. Keep talking, I’m listening.

Nadia Ismadi

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