Throwing all the stuff in the bag is packing. As long as they are all IN the bag.

In my defense: blame it all on Procrastination. It’s his fault (I just don’t think a girl will ever let another girl shove ball of clothes into the bag without nagging her to fold it nicely or PACK EARLIER!) Oh, that’s mum.

Part of it was also because I don’t want to leave home. *looking around the room* I wish I can take all these with me. Imran is already asking when am I coming back. It’s heartbreaking. I’m still Miss Half-a-blowfish. Though the swelling subsided a little. I should continue ‘packing’. Tons of things need to be shoved. And sitting on top of the luggage will be required to lock it.

Urgh, I don’t feel so well. Can I just leave tomorrow instead?

Nadia Ismadi

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