If a pure white canvas has a black dot on it, it’s hardly a pure white canvas anymore.

Image credits to BBC News

I managed to catch the last 45 minutes or so of the India’s Daughter documentary. It’s banned almost everywhere. It was heartbreaking and disturbing to say the very least. If someone can say the girl should not fight instead let her be raped, there’s something seriously wrong with the world.

Mixed reactions were received from that documentary by Leslee Udwin. Some were upset with the expose and said that it’s an attempt to give India a bad reputation. Few took pity in the upbringing and hardship faced by the convicted rapist which made them whoever they are today.

Regardless, the essence of the film was to shed light onto the increasing number of rape cases in India today (specifically) and the rest of the world generally. There are people raped elsewhere as well but this one event just broke the dam. I personally feel that there’s no use playing the blame game and justify why the documentary should be banned as it is already out there and people are already judging. Authorities should be actively seeking solutions to put an end to such barbaric crime.

The documentary did provide a new perspective on rape. The victims that we generally thought of from rape incidents usually will be the girls. However, Udwin showed how the family of the rapist (parents, wives and children) are affected as well since most of them came from poverty stricken families and the convicts, most often than not are the breadwinners of the family. It speaks both ways to women (possible victims) and men (possible rapists) generally and give everyone something to ponder upon.

Nadia Ismadi

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