Eat That Frog!

I have been running around lately. Juggling few things at once. With studies and other stuff, I’m lucky to sneak a couple of hours doing nothing during the day. My classes are all packed this semester. No more free Fridays. Sigh.

Honestly, I feel more organized now that I know there’s a lot to do. My best friend, Emily (my red 2015 planner) keeps my life in order. Yeah, I was disowned by my “real” friends for constantly ditching lunch/dinner. I mean, who needs them when I have Emily. She’s all organized by tabs and has monthly and daily planning sections. I made her all pretty and colorful too. She’s so much fun once you get to know her.

Also, now that I’m constantly running around, I appreciate my prayer time more as I can really take a break and unwind. It’s so much more rewarding knowing that you are complaining just to the right person, the one who plans and manages the entire universe without fail. Back then when all these ustaz mentioned that praying will keep you calm and recharge your energy, I really couldn’t relate to it that much. There are moments when I felt it but more often that not, it was just an obligation.

I’m trying to figure out how to be more productive but less stressful with that amount of productivity. As my face is already flaring up like nobody’s business, I need to do SOMETHING! So, I read this book called Eat That Frog.It did nothing to help my poor face but it successfully demonstrated the many ways in which you can enjoy frogs as a delicacy. Hahaahaah! I can see some funny ewww faces there. No la, it’s about multitasking and how to avoid procrastination.

Why Frogs? 

I ended up procrastinating other important things by reading a book on how to not procrastinate. Ironic isn’t it?

Probably you should clarify that in your book Mr Tracy. ‘To those of you who are just trying to justify your procrastination of work by reading this book, put it down NOW!’

Nadia Ismadi

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