Another phone interview

That’s it, I am writing a book. Title: ‘Stupid things to say during a phone interview’ by An Unemployed Idiot.

It was almost like a sushi king bonanza tragic ending. I was busy scouting around for the salmon and scallop plates when an unknown number appeared on my cellphone. I thought it was my colleague from Cambodia wanting to say hi and so I slide-d to answer, simultaneously saying ‘Yes, yang salmon tu’ enthusiastically. When I had the phone to my ear, a lady said ‘Hi, I am calling from company X, Singapore’. And as if that was not terrorizing enough, some people walked in and the ever so cheerful staff at sushi king (all at once) shouted ‘SAI-MA-SAYYYYY!!!’.

I… I didn’t know what to say. Like what do you do? Hold on, what does saimasay even mean! Stop shouting random Japanese words at us! Oh, the phone call. So, like any other normal people would do, I stepped out of the place and joked about how hardworking the lady was calling people at lunch hour (like me ordering sushi in her ear wasn’t bad enough).

So ladies and gentlemen, I took my last advice. There was no yogurt involved this time. Oh well, I suck at making good first impression in person and it tuns out I don’t appear very charming on the phone either.

That’s it people. You may leave now. There’s nothing to see here.

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